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Doran Williams

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Doran Williams passed away Aug. 24, 2023. He was 83 years of age, and as he was very fond of pointing out, that was much longer than he ever expected. He was a husband twice, a father to two sons and an attorney for over four decades.

Along the way he developed a passion for organic farming and gardening. He loved being a husband. He loved being a father. He loved being a lawyer. The first person in his family to graduate from college, he went on to graduate from law school, pass the bar, become a lawyer, an activist, farmer and a father.

Then he was made a widower and single parent, found a second love, a second family, became a grandfather, and then passed away peacefully taking a nap after lunch.

As a young newlywed, he and his first wife, Linda, tried living the simple life as farmers in the country. But people heard there was a man with a law degree out there at that house at the bend in the road, and they stopped by asking for help. So, he helped. As the word got out, and more people came by. So many so, that he ended up needing to get an office in town. He spent the next 40 years practicing law and helping people in need in his community. He often accepted payment in things other than money, like barbecue smokers he never used, motorcycles he couldn’t ride, guns he would never shoot. It didn’t matter. What was important was that he provided folks with the help they needed.

After the sudden and tragic death of his first wife, Doran found himself a single father to two sons. It was a job no one is ever prepared for, but he made sure they had everything they needed, were never in doubt that he loved them, and made sure they grew up to be upstanding men.

What was meant as a prank by two classmates on their unsuspecting single parents brought Doran another chance at love when he took Kay Queen on a blind date. Falling in love, they combined their lives and families (the pranksters became stepbrother and stepsister) and they created a life together that lasted for 23 years. It was full of dancing, incredible adventures in west Texas, and time spent with good friends. Kay was his stalwart companion, right up until his last day.

He was the loudest laugh in any room, especially if he made the joke and even more so if no one else got it. Occasionally obstinate for the sake of it, he enraged judges, prosecutors and opposing counsel all over central Texas, but he also earned their respect. His clients will always remember him for working as hard as anyone could to defend their interests.

Doran leaves behind a legacy of family and friends who will remember him for the loving person he was, and so many more as the man who helped them out when they needed it most. His two sons will always be thankful to him for being an amazing, if not also sometimes infuriating, father. His grandchildren will remember his huge smile and warm hugs. His wife will remember their many adventures and all the good times they shared. He will be missed by many.

In accordance with his wishes, there will not be a funeral, but a party.

In lieu of flowers please make a donation to the Elgin Public Library or Friends of Elgin Parks for the installation of a park bench in honor of Doran Williams.