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We all know that the Washington Swamp exists

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There is a Swamp. Donald Trump recognized that if allowed to continue, the Swamp would eventually start to turn the U.S. into a banana republic.

Take the history of Mexico as an example. Throughout the 19th and 20th century, a heroic leader would be chosen by revolution or otherwise to drain their swamp, but fail and become part of their swamp, only to be driven out by the next hero. Such a continuous swamp was starting to happen in the U.S.

Historically in this country, before the last couple of get-rich-fast generations, there was a relatively fair and orderly transition between changes in the party in power. In our layers in the executive branch, there was: the top level, which changed as the administration changed at the will of the new president; an intermediate level of professionals, which never changed; and the lower level of routine workers, who did their work completely independent of any political views.

In the past, the vast intermediate layer of professionals did their jobs so as to carry out the stated mission of the new administration. These professionals understood that, irrespective of their political views, they carried out their professional duties with loyalty to their current chief. They knew full well that, in four or eight years, another administration would come back to which they would continue their loyalty.

In addition, presidential control of these professionals could be maintained through the top layer of presidential appointees, which were routinely confirmed by Congress generally without much politics.

Unfortunately, our political conditions so changed in the past generation or so, that a very high number of people who served in Congress or in the higher executive levels were given opportunities—subtle or otherwise—to get rich quick as a result of their positions. A very great many did so. To carry out their pay back to the wealth providers, these high-level cheaters had to get silence, and perhaps “look the other way,” from middle-level professionals. A great many of the mid-level professionals started now to some way also get questionable benefits from their silence and cooperation. This involvement of many mid-level professionals, along with the cheating high-level people, resulted in the Swamp.

Our recent past presidents were aware of this growing Swamp, but they lacked the political will or desire to go after it. Whether Democratic or Republican, going after the Swamp was considered political suicide. The press and news media were no longer independent. The media and press were set to destroy anyone who threatened the Swamp.

President Trump was elected without many political obligations except to the people. He did recognize that, in order to restore this country to its preeminent position, he had to attack the Swamp. Thus, as soon as he was unexpectedly elected, the intermediate level in our government became very worried. With the constant drumming of most of the negative press, our intermediate level of professionals became terrified! Take note that almost all of the negative and accusatory statements against the president did come from the normally apolitical intermediate level of professionals.

Irrespective of what some may suspect as to the genuineness of his political motives, President Trump was committed to drain the Swamp. Like the past Mexican generals, he might drain the Swamp only to then create his own swamp. Despite all of his obvious flaws, which the constant drums of the press and the media will never let us forget, he is clearly right about the present Swamp.

I hope that there is enough political momentum to drain the Swamp. Because I love this country and its continued potential in history, I hope that our Swamp is conquered, never to return.

Jerry Kraft

Manor, Texas