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Small-town America appears to be our last defense of our Founding Documents

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The following events can be presented without comment as they speak for themselves.

About ten years ago, as I recall, the State of North Carolina was passing some laws intended to protect their kids against having school and like restrooms used by children from use by the opposite sex and beyond. The National Basketball Association (NBA) took their “high ethical and moral” stance of threatening to cancel the All-Star game and related high-revenue state events. This caused the state to cave in and not pass the child protective legislation.

This past month, one minor Houston Rockets lower executive made a personal comment in support of the Hong Kong anti-China freedom protesters. China began to cancel many NBA events and products and contracts. China is a huge source of NBA revenue! Almost to a man, all those NBA folks, who supported condemning the child protective laws of North Carolina when it didn’t cost these heroes anything, apologized to China and criticized the Houston speaker.

When asked to explain their strong defense of China’s brutal suppression, these NBA heroes responded, “It’s complicated.”

Well, our Declaration and Constitution are not complicated. The founders strived to make our documents uncomplicated so that we could understand them. We should try to defend and preserve them. Else, China will be doing the interpretation for us like Hong Kong.

Jerry Kraft

Manor, Texas