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Traffic is out of control

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If you had the fortune of living in Elgin in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s, you knew two things: All the words to the Elgin High School Song and to never cross the double stripe to park. Especially in front of the Post Office. You would get a ticket faster than you can sing “…Elgin High forever…”.

Today, we see local traffic totally out of control. Speeding, aggressive driving, illegal parking, and crossing the double stripe to park. When was the last time you saw one of Elgin’s many police cars doing traffic control? Why do the nice folks on Main need to place signs in their yard asking truck drivers to respect the No Truck rule? This should be an easy fix.

I go to the Post Office two to three times a week. This week I saw my 59th and 60th car cross the double stripe to park just this year. I have almost been hit by one of these cars and seen several near wrecks. But it seems that this is seen as not a problem.

The law states that it is not illegal to cross a double stripe to enter/leave an alley, driveway, or private roadway. It does not say to park. Yet this leaves the statute up for debate. Currently, Elgin interprets this to be acceptable. Other towns in our area do not.

Why is it that Elgin sees crossing a double stripe in this manner? It seems that an ordinance is required. Also, signs are required. Did you wonder where the signs went by the Post Office? The signs were there for decades. Their removal was an easy way out for whomever. If it is not a problem or illegal to cross, then why did Elgin deem it important at one time? If a population of 2,000 was a big enough problem that control was needed, why not today when our population is so much larger? Did Elgin have this ordinance at one time? Who made the decision to remove the signs?

Sadly, today we all see that folks just don’t seem able to do what is clearly required. They tend to make things unnecessarily complex. Or make excuses. Or just don’t do their job. We just don’t seem to have the pride we once had.

If you are tired of the clear traffic problems in this city, contact the folks that are supposed to get things done to help and protect our town. Visit the Elgin City Council page on the internet. Contact one or all of the Council Members. One member is an ex Policeman who should understand these issues. Take a look at the City Ordinances for Traffic Control. We seem to have many of them. Clearly, at least one more is needed. In the meantime, God help those pedestrians and drivers currently at risk. And take time to thank those that still take pride in their work.

Brad Cardwell

Elgin, Texas