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Is there no limit to the condemning of the president?

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The United States killing of the Iranian general who was in Iraq was courageous and justified. The surprising extremely negative condemnation by Trump’s opposition in the U.S. would be laughable if it was not so destructive to the future of this country.

Iran General Soleimani was a monster. He was responsible for the deaths and maiming of thousands of our troops and thousands of others. He was in Iraq in a mission of further evil. Just think: if a U.S. general in Iraq were killed, the Trump opposition would not create the uproar which it did over Soleimani. It be would suitably mourned and accepted as the fortunes of war in a war zone. How can these people condemn and cry over this ultimate of our evil enemy more than they would for an American general?

Iran has wonderful, warm and gracious people who have been destroyed and silenced by the primitive hoard who took over in 1979. Despite its poverty, before the evil hoard, Iran was the most modern country in the Middle East.

Does anyone really believe that if we do not try to control and limit the military expansion of Iran, that they would leave us alone? They could expand and control the Middle East as a single immense state!

Our president showed great personal courage in this action. The monsters have put a bounty on him. I remain proud of our president as a man who will defend our country.

Jerry Kraft

Manor, Texas

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