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I was born into and grew up in a world of science and logic. I had no inheritance of faith. However, with my intellectual growth, I did come to recognize the profound power and scope of their Bible, and that our current civilization would not have existed without the message and restraints of the Book.

However, for many years now, I have been going to church. I find church a tranquil respite from the unforgiving roar and accelerating pace of the outside world. In the peace of a church, the people are overly kind and considerate. They do not impose on me or require anything from me. I may sit with my thoughts when the service requires standing. I can remain seated during the walk through Communion.

Once during such a Communion, the pastor noticed that I was sitting while leaning on my cane. He asked if I needed help in going to take Communion. With thanks, I said that I felt unqualified, and would like to remain seated. But then, as an afterthought, I offered the irreverence: “But see if they do take-out.”

The pastor chuckled, but then said, “Of course, we do take-out. Our salvation depends on what we all take out of here each Sunday!”

Jerry Kraft

Manor, Texas