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Re-elect Maurice Cook for Sheriff

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Places like Portland have shown us how easy it is for disruptive forces to infiltrate what starts as a good cause and turn it into a lawless mass of rioting and destruction. Their weak governors, mayors, and district attorneys have also shown us how important it is when voting for every elected official. Do we want a governing body in Bastrop County that allows a revolving door for criminals? A mentality that says, “Don’t arrest them for taking what belongs to someone else because maybe they needed it?”

We need good people with commonsense in every position of our government. A society with a firm foundation of law and order, balancing justice with mercy, will allow all Bastrop County citizens to be free in their pursuit of happiness. Unduly pandering to special interest groups creates inequality and instability. I support Maurice Cook for sheriff because he has fulfilled his duties of enforcing the law fairly, not with undue brutality or buckling under trying to appease whatever opinions happen to be popular at the moment.

Vicky Rose

Elgin, Texas