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It is a crime to batter the American flag and then raise a foreign flag above the battered American flag

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In the last few years, demonstrators against our country have been destroying our flag and more in public demonstrations.

They are relying on a 1980s U.S. Supreme Court decision that even such destruction of our flag in a democracy is permitted as freedom of speech.

However, there is a major difference in the actions in current rallies. There is a broad common law and statutory law principle that even a sovereign democracy, like the United States, has the right to protect itself from internal acts which could lead to the overthrow of our government. The raising of the foreign flag above the destroyed would be such an act.

In recent demonstrations, the flag has been Mexican or some Middle Eastern one. Suppose the flag were the Chinese or Russian flag. The legal principles would be the same.

It’s time that our U.S. Attorney General took the necessary legal action to stop these embarrassing destructive actions to our flag and country.

Jerry Kraft

Manor, Texas