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Get Out and Vote

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It is your constitutional right as a citizen of the United States of America to vote in every election—city, school board, county, state and United States.

It is my personal opinion that some candidates want to raise the minimum wage to $15. That is about double what it is today. This sounds great to those who make minimum wage or less, but it is a way that candidates think they will get more votes.

It is my opinion that this jump in wages will cause more people to lose their jobs or go from full time to part time due to the increase in cost of goods your employer must spend to sell to the public. The cost of groceries, utilities, merchandise, insurance, medicine, etc. must go up to pay their employees, too.

The elderly who are on social security and/or retirement will suffer as their monthly checks cannot go up enough to offset the new expenses they will incur due to the proposed rise in the minimum wage.

Vote for the candidate of your choice. Vote in every election.

Marilyn Morris

Elgin, Texas