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The FISA Court is an insult to the U.S.

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In the trials of the Nazis in Germany for the Holocaust, after all of the evil-doers were tried and punished, when the world sought the roots of the evil, German court judges were brought to trial. Before the Nazis came to power, Germany was a republic with law support for human rights. The judges being tried were respected jurists who had wide reputations for fairness and wisdom. However, these judges were coerced by the Nazis into granting them warrants to spy on, take property of, and eventually arrest and destroy their victims. These august judges never turned down a warrant request of the Nazis.

Does this sound currently familiar?

After all of the excuses that we are currently hearing and debating, our FISA Court (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) has turned down only one warrant request by our government enforcement out of about four thousand warrant requests!

Let me briefly review the FISA Court history and purpose. Several years ago, our Patriot Act was passed. The act recognized that the war on terrorism was being fought everywhere and could involve U.S. citizens. Sometimes, foreign conspiracies could willingly or not encroach on our citizens. Also, our conventional warrant system, which preserved the citizens’ rights, could not be used since it would reveal our plans against the enemy. Thus, the FISA Court, an essentially secret court, was set up to grant necessary warrants but to safeguard the rights of our involved citizens. This was a sacred trust because we all understand that freedom dies in secrecy.

The FISA Court failed! It rubber-stamped every request to spy on our president and his whole administration. Under our tradition of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the FISA Court is null and void! All pleas and convictions and destroyed lives based upon this court’s grants must be thrown out.

I do not mean that these actions equate the FISA Court failure with Nazis. However, if not reversed by our voters, this could be an evil beginning. I have served and fought for our country. I believe and trust in our flag and founding documents. I am unashamedly voting out, in the coming presidential election, all of the people who we all know are responsible for this attack on our constitutional rights.

Jerry Kraft

Manor, Texas