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March 1

1:56 p.m. 1300 blk W Hwy 290—Found/lost property. On February 25, a caller advised he received $60 cash back while checking out at the self-checkout, but someone came up behind him and took the money. Video footage showed the complainant walked away from the machine before taking the money, and much later someone came by, saw the money and took it. There was no offense at that time. On March 1, police received a letter in the mail with no identifying information containing $60 and a letter explaining the money was left at one of the self-checkout stations at the store and asking the money be returned to the rightful owner. The money was returned to the original complainant who left it.

March 2

6:50 p.m. 1000 blk E Hwy 290—Theft. A subject was taken into custody for theft. He was arrested for theft with a previous conviction and taken to Bastrop County jail. The next day, the managers of two other stores requested a trespass warning for the subject, and the warnings were issued to the subject who was in custody.

8:36 p.m. 1000 blk E Hwy 290—Disturbance. Complainant advised another vehicle nearly sideswiped his vehicle, then when they came to the location to talk to the subject, he got upset and began to threaten him and his wife. The vehicle left the scene. The complainant was advised a citation for assault (verbal) could be issued and the incident could be settled in court, but the complainant did not want to pursue that route.

10:32 p.m. 1300 blk W Hwy 290—Theft. A manager reported an attempted theft, and the subject is no longer on scene. The subject was caught prior to leaving the store, and about $200 worth of merchandise was recovered before he left. The subject’s license plate number returns to an address in Travis County’s jurisdiction.

March 3

12:48 a.m. 700 blk S Ave C—Noise complaint. Caller advised loud noise has been coming from across the street for the last six hours. When police arrived, they found a speaker playing loud music at a decibel reading of 63. While police prepared the citation, a subject collected the equipment and ran inside a house, ignoring requests from police to talk to him. When police knocked on the door, someone inside turned off the patio light and no one would answer the door for 15 minutes. The homeowner then answered the door; he said the person who was playing the speaker outside was asleep and refused to wake him up, so the citation was issued under the homeowner’s name.

3:00 a.m. 1200 blk N Ave C—DUI/ DWI. A subject was found asleep while operating a motor vehicle, and the odor of alcohol was detected when he was woken. Standard field sobriety tests were performed and the subject was arrested. The subject consented to a blood alcohol concentration breath test, which showed he was over the legal limit. He was taken to Bastrop County jail for driving while intoxicated.

4:56 a.m. 500 blk Old McDade Rd—Theft, warrant service. Caller advised he let a friend into his house, and she stole money and his key. He was not worried about the money, but wanted his key back. He was advised to call maintenance or his landlord to get another key. He had been advised to call back if she returned; about an hour later, she came back, and he wanted her to leave. She was arrested for a local warrant and taken to Bastrop County jail.

9:08 a.m. 200 blk Hwy 290—Criminal mischief. Caller said someone staying in the hotel behind the business parked in the business’ employee parking area, and when he left, they keyed an expletive into his vehicle. Information was gathered for a report.

10:33 a.m. 200 blk Houston Street—Fire structure. Caller said someone threw gasoline on his house and set it on fire, then left the scene. A suspect was located and arrested for arson; he was combative while en route to the Bastrop County jail. Photographs of the bottom of the subject’s shoes were taken and his clothing was secured as evidence.

March 4

9:56 p.m. 700 blk S MLK Blvd—Theft. Complainant reported a missing purse. She believed it was stolen by someone who lives on her land and has a copy of her key; he said he had not seen the purse and has not seen anyone enter the residence. The complainant filed a report.