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City cracks down on junk cars

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A joint initiative of the Elgin Police Department and city code enforcement will soon begin to give attention to areas within the city that have a concentration of junk/ abandoned vehicles; sidewalk obstructions; and vehicles parked facing the wrong direction and blocking fire hydrants.

Other examples that fall within the area of enforcement are trailers, recreational vehicles and boats that are in violation and within public view. Some of you may not know that there are many non-profit organizations that will gladly accept your donations if you need them removed from your property.

Junked/abandoned vehicles are not a pretty sight and become an attention-grabber for playing children. The eroding paint, as well as leaky fluids, are dangerous and toxic for the environment, and there should be a collective consideration of the community to decrease or rid our city of the unsightliness of junk/abandoned vehicles.

The presence of junk vehicles threatens the character and safety of neighborhoods. They cause deterioration of neighborhoods partly due to the visual blight, which affects property values. Junked vehicles can create attractive nuisances for children and provide harborages for rodents, insects and other pests. States and most municipalities have approached this problem through the adoption of junk vehicle nuisance ordinances, which prohibit the storage of junk vehicles in open areas of private property.

If an officer finds a vehicle in violation of the Abandoned Vehicle law, a red sticker will be placed on the vehicle, giving the owner 48 hours to fix the problem or remove the vehicle from the street. After 48 hours, the vehicle is checked again, and if still in violation, the vehicle will be impounded and the owner will be cited for all violations.

If a green sticker is placed on a Junked Vehicle, trailer, RV or boat, the owner has ten days to fix the problem or remove the vehicle from public view. This does not mean that you can simply cover it up. If after ten days the owner has not remedied the situation, impoundment action will be taken, and the owner will be cited for all violations.

The Elgin Police Department needs your help in fixing local and state violations so we are not forced to place tags on your property. Please call 512-285-5757 for more information or to report a violation. Enforcement will begin mid-May to allow those in violation to remedy any possible violations. Those who have questions or concerns may call Assistant Chief Phillip Taylor at 512-285-5757.