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The Bastrop Monument Relocation Committee seeks funding to help relocate Confederate monuments

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On July 27, 2020, the Bastrop County Commissioner’s Court issued a Resolution and Order regarding relocation of confederate monuments from the courthouse lawn. The following citizens of Bastrop County were appointed to the committee: Co-Chairs Cheryl Lee and Sharah Johnson along with committee members Willy Culberson, Damon Doss, Don Fannin, Bernie Jackson, Sumai Lokumbe, Robert Mauck, Carl Rees, and Samella Williams.

In the Court's Resolution and Order, it states: “Whereas, words, symbols, and images on these two monuments go beyond honoring veterans by subtly glorifying the Confederacy and prescribing nobility to the Lost Cause of the South; and Whereas, it is recognized that these words, image, and symbols sustain racism and racial prejudice, and are detrimental to racial impartiality and equality for all...” Therefore, we the Committee, appointed to oversee the relocation, have convened to carry out the charge of the court.

The Committee is confident that the relocation can be done in a dignified manner, and has resolved to make this transition one that will honor this part of history in Bastrop County while allowing our community to advance toward a more just and inclusive home for all of our residents.

We are asking individuals and businesses in Bastrop County to help with the process of locating a new home for the monuments, and contribute monetary donations to help make this relocation possible. If you would like to contribute, please reach out to the committee co-chairs Cheryl Lee and Sharah Johnson using the contact information below. Your help will allow us to move forward with this process.

It is our sincere hope that the relocation of these monuments serves as an acknowledgement that our County is dedicated to being one that represents equality for all citizens.


Sharah Johnson, Co-Chair



Cheryl Lee, Co-Chair