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Stay safe at the pool this summer

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It’s Texas, and that means we are spending a lot of time out by the pool this summer! As the weather gets hotter, we wanted to share a few ways to maximize the fun of a day at the pool while staying safe:

Drink lots of water

While you’re out playing in the pool, you may not feel like you’re thirsty, but it’s important to keep drinking water or sports drinks with electrolytes anyway. At Morris Memorial Pool, you’re welcome to bring in your own drinks so long as they are not in a glass container, or you can purchase drinks from the concession stand.

Reapply sunscreen every few hours

To best protect yourself from the sun, you should apply sunscreen prior to arriving at the pool, giving it a chance to dry, then reapplying it every two hours. If you apply sunscreen too soon before entering the pool, it will wash off in the water, leaving you unprotected. Wearing sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses will help you keep cool so you can enjoy being at the pool longer.

Listen to lifeguards

When you look at lifeguards, you may see teenagers at their summer job, but did you know that lifeguards spend a minimum of 28 hours learning lifesaving skills before they ever walk on to the pool deck, followed by hours of training each week? Lifeguards are there to make sure that the rules and regulations are followed to provide a safe space in which pool patrons can have fun. Some common things you may hear from lifeguards are “No running!” because they don’t want you to slip and fall on the wet surface surrounding the pool, and “No floats in the pool area” since large floats impede the lifeguard’s ability to actively scan the entirety of the water.

Take breaks

Being at the pool, swimming and playing games is a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember to get shade and rest every hour so your body can recuperate. During your break from the water, it’s a good idea to drink some water, have a light snack and reapply your sunscreen so you’re ready and energized for when you go back in the water.

Know your ability

Before getting in the water, make sure you know your own swimming ability. If you or someone you are with isn’t a strong swimmer, ask a lifeguard for help fitting a lifejacket and maintain a buddy system in the water so no one is ever swimming alone. Morris Memorial Pool also offers swim lessons to build up the ability of beginner swimmers so they know how to be safe while playing at the pool.

Most importantly, have fun out there! Pools are meant to be enjoyed for fitness and fun, so take care or yourselves and enjoy your time poolside this Summer.