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This is Trump’s only chance to standardize mail-in votes

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The whole press and media, which has been trying to destroy Donald Trump for the last four years, is now expectedly condemning his continuing efforts to clarify the Constitution’s standards for the validity of mail-in votes.

A few months ago, when it became clear that the Democratic Party intended to have about 40 to 50% of its voters mail their votes, the president tried to get the Supreme Court to provide a set of standards to ensure that mail-in votes had the same value as in-person votes.

As it turned out, the strict-constitutionalist court formed by the president did act strictly, and refused to judge in anticipation of problems. Trump was advised to wait until actual problems were found.

So, Trump was forced to wait until now after the election. Trump knows that it is too late to change any results in the presidential election. Joe Biden is president! The U.S. Supreme Court will never overturn this election.

However, I have no doubt that if President Trump had succeeded in getting the court to provide such a set of standards for mail-in, Trump would have won the election. President Trump realizes that if Democratic mail-in voting is permitted to continue without restraint, there will be enough illegal votes to make it extremely hard for his party to win elections.

In fact at present, because of the holidays, it may be not possible to have the court provide a set of standards before the two senatorial elections in Georgia at the start of this coming January. The Democratic Party may use questionable mail-in votes to swing the election of two senators. With the Dems having the tie-breaker vice president, they would end up in control, and the Dems would be in control of the presidency, the House and the Senate.

In the past, in the United States, mail-in voting has been used for specific situations, where in-person voting is not possible. About 5% of votes were mailed. Accordingly, these mail-ins were easy to monitor and count by any interested party. Several months ago, the Democratic Party recognized that the in-person enthusiasm of Trump 50% of the votes. This would give them decisions as to questionable votes and to swing elections. The massive change was so sudden, Republicans had no way of mustering resources to challenge the counting in votes of the Democratic voters. The Dems came up with a massive mail-in vote plan, e.g. up to Democratic states. Trump failed to get the Supreme Court to issue standards to prevent the boundless opportunities for the local Dem vote counters to accept worthless mail-in votes.

Trump believes that his popularity is so high that if he succeeds in stopping the Democratic improprieties, the Republicans will in the 2022 mid-terms and in 2024.