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Response to concerns about 911 call

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Response to concerns about 911 call

There were some concerns published in the newspaper regarding a 911 call. The 911 call that was dispatched to EFD was relayed as a structure fire. The exact 911 message dispatched was as follows:

911 Emergency Reporting to Elgin Fire Department – “A single-level structure is involved. Both smoke and flames are visible. The caller is on scene (1st party). The incident involves a multiple-family residential structure.”

EFD responded to this call based on the information that was given. Our volunteer firefighters have to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Four fire trucks and the EFD Command Truck arrived on scene. Thankfully, the structure was not fully engulfed, but the electrical breaker box was on fire. The Elgin Police Department also received the 911 call and arrived shortly before EFD. The Elgin Police Department was able to successfully put out the small fire with a fire extinguisher. (Thank you, Elgin Police Department!)

We’d like our community to know that when any call comes in that we take each call seriously. We have to be prepared for the worst, but we always hope for the best. There are those that might have the opinion that taking too many firetrucks might be “overkill.” The bottom line is that we never want to be unprepared to help the citizens of Elgin and Bastrop County in any situation, large or small.

As a volunteer fire department, our men and women take time out of their personal lives to give to our community. They sacrifice countless hours and time away from their families to help those in need day and night. We are thankful for the slow days that we have, because that means our community is safe.

We take pride in what we do, and we are thankful for the support our community has shown us. We would also like to invite anyone who might have any concerns about our protocol or how we handle 911 calls for Elgin and Bastrop County to please call 512-281-4025.