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Republican runoff for Congressional District 17

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Please exercise your right to vote in the primary runoff. 

If voting in the Congressional District 17 Republican primary runoff, your choice is simple. Are you tired of business as usual in DC? Or would you like to drain the swamp? 

I invite you to join me in voting for Renee Swann, a citizen candidate that has lived many years in our district creating jobs and building a successful business in the health care industry while raising a family. Renee is an advocate for term limits. She’ll fight to hold China accountable and demand that we bring critical manufacturing back to America, and work to pass a balanced budget. 

Or you can choose Pete Sessions, a career politician that has spent 22 years in the Dallas area until defeated in 2018. Pete sent our manufacturing jobs to China, passed a massive spending bill by raising taxes on small businesses, abused earmarks to pay off donors, paid for lobbyists to meet him at a Las Vegas strip club, and is currently using campaign contributions to pay criminal defense attorneys more than $80,000 to take care of his on-going legal problems concerning Ukraine. 

We deserve our next representative to have a clear head, pure heart, and a focus on serving us and our needs. Please join me in voting for Renee Swann to represent CD-17 in Congress.  Election Day is July 14.


Allen Sassano

College Station, Texas