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Questions about preparing for growth in Elgin

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I am writing in response to Mr. Mattis’ letter of August 25. I have a few questions. Before starting on any of these projects, did you ask any of the citizenry if we wanted them? Did you ask if we, the citizens, wanted to live in a city instead of a town? Have you considered all the ramifications of the planned rapid growth?

How do you plan to repay the $33,695,000 debt that now exists for Elgin? I know my budget does not include covering the $2,785 personal share of that debt. That $2,785 debt is shared by every man, woman, and child in Elgin. So please, take that debt burden off my shoulders and tell us your plan to eliminate that $33,695,000 debt. That debt leaves Elgin at 131st standing out of the 1218 Texas cities in per capita debt.

How do you plan to reinstate Elgin’s bond rating to A1 that it was prior to 2016? It is now Baaa1.

With over 8000 new homes to be built we could conceivably have 16,000 more vehicles on our streets, roads and highways. Many of those vehicles will be driving to and from Austin during rush hour. Have you made adequate plans to handle the increased traffic and traffic congestion? Have you considered arranging improved public transportation? Have you arranged for more bus routes to Austin? Have you considered rapid transit so people can get to work on time?

Have you considered quality of life? People could be facing longer commute times, which increased stress. Stress results in multiple issues. Besides personal health complications, stress has even been correlated to increased crime rates. And stress has adverse effects on family relationships, sometimes leading to family violence. I have seen a change in the police blotter calls as reported in the Courier, from loose animals to increased assaults and thefts.

Have you considered the increase in city services that will be required? Have the budgets of the EPD and EFD been increased? Do we have enough clean water for all the new homes?

Is anyone building low income housing? Housing for those with disabilities? Senior housing included in any of the planned developments?

Have you considered air quality? With over 8,000 new homes, new roads, and new driveways, there will be less vegetation. Green vegetation is what absorbs the increased carbon dioxide caused by the potential 16,000 new vehicles being driven. Those with asthma, COPD, and other lung diseases will have a harder time breathing. Air pollution decreases oxygen in the air. Oxygen is vital for our brains to function. Do we want our children’s brains to be adversely affected by the decreased air quality? Or to have any of us at higher risk for dementia?

I ask these questions for the benefit of all Elgin citizens. I hope you will take the time to consider the questions and provide us with your answers. Thank you.

Linda Menchen

Elgin, Texas