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Protests, national debt, corruption, COVID-19

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I have watched the killing of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin over and over again, and I believe the consensus of the U. S. believe is that it was murder. That should not be done to an Asian, Hispanic, Indian, or any ethnicity. The right to peacefully protest is as American as apple pie, but you do not have the right to loot and burn. When you go to work for an entity that requires you to raise your right hand and take an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States, state, city or municipality and defend the citizens of the state, city or town to protect property and life, and you are told to stand down by either Mayor of Governor, you should go to that leader and throw him in jail. If you cannot do what the oath that you took for that job, you need to take that badge off and get the hell out because you are ineffective in the state, city, or municipality that you work in. Completely useless to the people.

I guess we Americans are looking for heroes in our time in our country. Let’s look at the presidents that we elect and their records. Lyndon B. Johnson lied to the American people about the progress of the Vietnam war and lost thousands of American lives. George H. Bush ushered in the “New World Order.” Bill Clinton, the national debt was $5.8 trillion after leaving office, not that he acquired all that debt but fell into lockstep. George W. Bush brought us into war with Iraq and bailing out Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, in his administration after leaving office the country his contribution to the nation’s debt was $5.8 trillion (US debt was $11.4 trillion). When Barak Obama left the presidency, his debt legacy to the country was $8.54 trillion for a grand total of US debt $19.94 trillion. In my opinion, the only way you can bring down a strong country like America is to create a national debt of that size that cannot be repaid. I am sorry America, you can’t make heroes out of a pig’s ear. 

We have witnessed in American history for the first time, a concerted coup attempt to get rid of a duly elected president.  America needs to remember Dwight D. Eisenhower’s farewell address that “Americans had better beware of the Military-Industrial Complex.” We have also witnessed the corruption of the highest officials of this country’s top law enforcement agencies: FBI, State Department and CIA, as well as others not to be mentioned. We have also witnessed a two-tier justice system, one for the people in Washington D.C. and one for everyday Americans. This needs to stop as the American people are getting tired of it. 

In my opinion, the government is using the Covid-19 virus to check the Americans herd mentality. The restrictions that were put on the American people were unconstitutional. They were looking for the number of sheep this country has, and I can’t believe we have so many. The Government saw fit to have small entrepreneurs close their businesses (and to my surprise they obeyed), only to have the entrepreneurs turn around and blame the government for their own stupidity. 

We have information technology companies that are controlling and censuring the American peoples’ views which are not their own. There are antics that you would expect to see in China, not the USA. They should be told in black and white that this will not be tolerated. 

Americans in every state in the Union are forced to pay taxes in their states, and Governors of these states give our money to airports and colleges, and most colleges today teach our youth communist ideology.

After 70 years on this earth, I am appalled to see the desecration and removing of our country’s history, in the way of statues, by people that have contributed zero to this country, and of officials allowing and sometimes leading for the removal and/or destruction of those statues (for example, “reimaging” the Alamo, which is the pride of Texas). Governors help elect some of the worst politicians in the State of Texas. For example, the speaker of the house would not put any bills on the floor for a vote that the constituents requested, but would shelve them. If we don’t make better decisions on whom we elect, we are going to elect someone like Edmund J. Davis (elected during Texas Reconstruction 1869-1873) who was a tyrant and a dictator. We have elected officials in Austin that are trying to get laws passed that are so totalitarian that Texans would not believe.  

We have over 40.8 million Americans unemployed since the beginning of the pandemic. We have 47 GOP lawmakers that have asked President Trump to continue mass guest worker importation in spite of the 40.8 million unemployed; Senator John Cornyn is one of them. Why do we continue electing these people into office when they are the problem? The reason is because Americans are told that we don’t have qualified people to fill these positions. If politicians are right, I want to ask every Texan: have they driven through any town or city in Texas where the federal government has not provided the bulk of the money for new schools built? It is the Federal Government that is dumbing down our children!

I find it strange that no TV or radio station ever re-telecasted or commented about the speech that the president of France, Macron, gave to the full house in D.C. where he mentioned continuing the “One World Order Agenda” three times, and the entire room gave a standing ovation each time this was mentioned. The only other time I have seen this enthusiasm was in Hitler documentaries referring to world domination. All stood and raised their right arm. Americans need to look up the definition of “One World Order,” because it isn’t pretty. When a constitutional question arises and the politicians respond, “It is above my pay grade,” or if you hear a politician who claims to be a constitutional conservative and in the next breath says, “if Washington or the state passes a law” that he will enforce it, those kinds of people do not need to be voted into office because Washington and the states have passed laws that have not been constitutional for decades. If you think that Americans or Texans will roll over, I suggest you go to Arlington National Cemetery. Those that lie in that cemetery did not die in vain.


Ronnie Barrett

Sinton, Texas