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No longer supporting Cloud after Capitol attack

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Congressman Michael Cloud,

I am a lifetime Republican, former party staffer in Texas and Colorado, served in the Nixon administration in D.C. and worked for former Ways & Means Chair Bill Archer. After my return to Texas, I was elected as District Attorney for a six county Judicial District—at the time, the only Republican DA in Texas.

I am horrified and embarrassed that my Congressman would sign the ridiculous letter sent by Attorney General Ken Paxton and worse, to sign on to his spurious suit. [Note: Rep. Cloud did not sign on to Paxton's lawsuit or a letter to the Supreme Court; he joined an amicus brief led by Rep. Mike Johnson in the Texas v. Pennsylvania lawsuit.] Not satisfied, you then announced an intent to make objection to the already certified electors, thus providing a forum and encouragement to the lunatic fringe. Incredibly, you continued to actually vote for the objection even after this mob attacked our Capitol, resulting in the death of six people... and the future of our party. I believe you are guilty of sedition.

I can't decide if you knew better than to believe the false narrative of election fraud promulgated by Trump and took those actions in a craven attempt to appease the Trump supporters, as did Senator Ted Cruz, or that you are so stupid as to believe the big lie, like Louie Gohmert. And can't figure out which is worse.

Either way, you have reaped the whirlwind. Like the other irresponsible congressmen, I hope you are expelled from the Congress. If not, you will not receive corporate donations or any support from me. I am working to recruit a primary opponent for you as I write this, and failing that, will work for any Democrat who opposes you.



Joe Grady Tuck


Michael Cloud is the U.S. representative for Texas' District 27, which stretches from east of Austin to Corpus Christi and includes the southern half of Bastrop County.