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New gas pipeline between Elgin and Camp Swift

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Attention all Elginites that are about to be affected by the new gas line that Multifuels Bluebonnet Pipeline is about to install from Camp Swift to Elgin.

My name is Gerardo V. Perez and I am one of the many people that are about to have a huge change on my property. I am about to lose a section of trees that are a mix of mainly post oak, a few black jack and a few cedar trees. The parcel of land that will be cleared is about 75 feet by 100 yards. I have been told by Max Kroschel, a right of way agent for Multifuels, that Multifuels plans on reimbursing us for every tree they damage or destroy but they have yet to tell us how they plan on doing so. Since I don’t know what the value of a tree is, I hired Heritage Tree Care to come and do an appraisal on all of my trees that I am about to lose due to the construction of Multifuels’ new six-inch gas pipeline. They are going to do a tree inventory, appraisal, risk assessment and health assessment, including complete documentation and photographs of all trees. They are Certified Arborists and are willing to make appointments with whomever that wishes to contact them for their services. Their prices are very reasonable. Their number is 512-921-8452. Now for the very big issue that most of all of you probably do not know. I just happen to run into Bastrop County Appraiser Mr. Andy Wolf and I had informed him about the new Multifuels Bluebonnet Pipeline that was about to run from Camp Swift to Elgin. He said that he was not aware of this new pipeline coming to Elgin. I asked him if a new gas pipeline would devalue my property by as much as 10 percent. He informed me that as soon as Multifuels was finished with their project to make an appointment with the Bastrop Appraisal Disstrict to have my property reevaluated. This is something new that Multifuels Bluebonnet Pipeline needs to know about so they can pay each homeowner for the loss of value of their property. One other thing, keep in mind for those of you who have structures located next to the construction zone, keep a watchful eye for all of the vibration damage all the heavy equipment could do to the inside or the outside of your structures which should also be the responsibility of Multifuels. I hope this info will help you out. Neighbors helping neighbors.


Gerardo Perez

Elgin, Texas