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House impeachment group: have you no shame?

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This letter is not politically correct! At ninety years of age, a disabled vet of the Korean War from a U.S. Gold Star family, I have a right to be politically politically incorrect.

When Secretary Pompeo, in an off-the-record remark, told NPR, “Who in the U.S. gives a (expletive) about the Ukraine,” my mind said “Hooo... raah!” In condemning the remarks of the president, did anyone of the impeachers give a thought to the history of the Ukraine? Next to the Nazis, the Ukrainians were the greatest murderers of Jews and others.

By an interesting coincidence, the Senate trial took place on Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27. Thus, we are reminded that the Ukraine was primarily on the Nazi side in World War II. Most Ukrainians hated the Russians. Unlike the rest of Russia, anti-Nazi partisans were non-existent. While there are many stories of righteous Ukrainian people who risked their lives to hide and protect their Jewish neighbors, the ruling government zealously participated in the Holocaust!

Seventy-five years, a full lifetime, has passed, and all of us are new and changed, but President Trump had overwhelming reasons to be wary of help to the Ukraine in our national interest despite of any disadvantage his conduct could be to Biden. Please note that a basic principle of law is even if there are two conflicting rights, the greatest right prevails over a more minor right.

In the past years, most of the nations involved in the Holocaust have taken steps and leaps to get themselves changed and restored to humanity. Germany is a glowing example of such a restoration. Ukraine has a long way to go. In understanding this slowness, we must note that until the 1990s, it was part of the Russian Soviet state. In the last 30 years, the Ukraine has been corrupted by outside interests, including those from the U.S. Its rule has been switched back and forth from Russian influence and back to corrupt outside influence.

The Ukraine in recent years has been trying to restore itself to the world of civilized nations. it has been inviting Jews back, and restored them to positions based on merit. In fact, elected prime minister, Zelinsky, is of Jewish descent. However, in view of this questionable Ukraine history, President Trump was clearly protecting our country when he held up, for only a few weeks, only the first shipment of high-level arms to the Ukraine ever!

Jerry Kraft

Manor, Texas