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All lives don’t matter until Black lives matter

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First off, I want to acknowledge a few members of the NAACP, especially Ms. Gwen Johnson; pastors who were present including Pastor Townsend, who is the pastor of Winn’s Memorial Baptist Church, and also Reverend Ward who is a reverend at Mt. Moriah; my mother Amanda Moore; the chief of police, Patrick south; and last but not least, mayor of Elgin, Chris Cannon, who chose to be voices of the organized protest.

I organized the protest with the help of a very intelligent and kind-hearted lady who was a great help named Lashiya Reese, who has been also looking at the injustice, racial profiling and the murders that the black community is facing, and sad to say has always faced! I felt like It was time to be voices of the community and it’s time to seek justice and equality for our African-American brothers and sisters!

We are not animals, we are not threats, we are not all bad, and as much as people hate to admit it, all cops aren’t, either.

We all bleed the same color at the end of the day and we are all humans, whether you be black, brown, white, green or red!

I didn’t organize the protest to start any kind of race war, because there is only one race, which is the human race, whether you like it or not! Racism isn’t born in any of us; it’s a taught trait that should’ve been broken a long time ago.

We will not bac k down anymore! I’m a man of peace, love and respect! And as a young African-American man, killing any of my brothers and sisters isn’t respect at all! I didn’t aim the protest only at racist police officers but also racist humans in general! We will not tolerate any racism anymore. The honorable Malcolm X once said, which is my favorite quote: “It is a crime to teach a man not to defend himself, when he is a constant victim of brutal attacks!”

I firmly stand with that quote because we have been marching for decades and also protesting! And if this can’t make a change, then it’ll definitely be time for a plan B! I don’t preach negativity, but self-defense is in a category of its own!

I felt like I needed to enlighten the people who are blessed with the same skin tone as me to stop teaching our youth to not be cops, stop teaching our youth that cops are snitches, stop teaching our youth that they shouldn’t be educated and go towards being a part of the system! When that all changes, you’ll see change in the world! There’s so much bias in the system that only we can get in and make a change!

Let’s make America great, because that was something it has ever been! We don’t deserve any of the harsh brutal attacks we as African-Americans face; we aresons, we are daughters, we are parents, we are husbands, we are wives, and we are tired of saying Rest In Peace, when the people you have killed for no reason should be peacefully resting at home with their loved ones!

Just to name a few unarmed African-Americans killed by police:

George Floyd should still be here!

Breonna Taylor should still be here!

Trayvon Martin should still be here!

Sandra Bland should still be here!

Eric Garner should still be here!

Michael Brown should still be here!

The killing of these unarmed black people should have never been justified and made okay! How do you legitimately kill a person without them causing any bodily harm to you whatsoever? How are we getting accused of covered-up crimes the opposite race has pinned on us so that they can walk free as a killer? How are we getting more time for selling drugs than murderers, child molesters and mass shooters? If you ask me, America is all the way backwards, but today I’m shining a little light on the situations and I’m hoping we as a race choose to create change, because we need to let them know, all lives don’t matter until Black lives matter!

Anthony Moore

Elgin, Texas