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Can we expand voting by-mail for November?

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I am 65 this year and I will be voting by mail. However, my husband (age 64) and my daughter-in-law (who has asthma) and my son-in-law (who has a compromised immune system) will not have the opportunity to vote by mai l, despite the fact that they are all in high-risk categories for the coronavirus.

While I appreciate Bastrop County’s initiatives to provide hand sanitizer and clean pens to all voters, it is quite possible that there will be long lines even during early voting, and a fair number of people who will refuse to wear a mask. This is a clear and preventable danger.

Has the Secretary of State thought about a person who gets Covid-19 in late October, and is hospitalized or asked to stay at home for 14 days? Does that person have to forfeit the right to vote? It is too late for the July 14 run-off election, but can we please institute voting-bymail for all those who request it in November’s presidential election?

Sue Cinque

Elgin, TX