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MainStream Media: The Elgin Courier’s Newest Network Platform

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Bastrop County residents trust its local newspaper to keep them informed about everything from what happens at city council meetings to information on what new businesses are in town. In fact, nearly 18,000 readers and viewers trust us so much, they invite us into their homes every month.


In spite of our large audience, the constant inflation, persistent price changes, and the never ending “what-ifs” in today’s economy has led to the decision to broaden our network and viewer reach by expediting our local news and moving forward into the more modern society of digital networking with indoor digital newsboards. But don’t worry, our newspaper isn’t going anywhere! This is simply an addition to the many beneficial products and services we will continue to provide.


I’m proposing that YOU, our local businesses and organizations, join the Elgin Courier, Bastrop County Insider, Elgin Main Street Board and Elgin Economic Development Corporation in partnership to bring digital news and events to our community with more than just websites and social media platforms. Our news content and business commercials will be placed on 20 television screens at different host locations throughout Elgin and Bastrop. And our network is growing as we speak! With more screens being added at our sister paper locations throughout the year, we are creating a regional network of indoor digital newsboards to reach an audience of over 1,000,000!


Our goal with indoor digital newsboards is to seamlessly weave relevant, positive and impactful community news, events, entertainment and local businesses into the daily lives of Elgin and Bastrop residents through our multifaceted platforms - print, web, mobile and now indoor digital.This is the perfect time to launch this new platform, given that it’s Elgin’s 150th Birthday year! What a way to celebrate and kick-off the history and growth of our community moving into the more modern world of technology.


All of our screens are silent so as to not disturb clients and customers at the host locations. Networks will be placed downtown, at locations off the main highways and many other long-dwelling places in Elgin and Bastrop. Having the networks wide-spread is a major key to success. We are also pinpointing the areas that are seeing the ambitious plans for growth and diversification to reach the broadest audience possible.


Indoor Digital Newsboards will offer the opportunity to deliver more timely news, events and community updates leading to an increase in tourism, local shopping and dining and community pride. When people know what’s happening in their community, they develop a greater sense of pride for their town. Often, a sense of responsibility accompanies that pride. When residents feel local pride and connection, they tend to volunteer more, increase their involvement within the community, and are more likely to use local businesses and services when shopping and dining.


As we are all aware, we live in a world where it’s easy to get whatever you need or want at the click of a button. Major ecommerce stores offer next-day delivery for little to no cost, which makes it difficult for even the most loyal customers not to be tempted away from local brick and mortar stores. Our network will provide businesses the opportunity to reserve commercial slots at a very affordable price to amplify their products and services, store specials and much more to combat the ecommerce world of retail, food and beverage and keeping citizen and visitor dollars spent locally.

When patrons spend their dollars at locally owned businesses, $0.70 of every dollar spent stays in their community! Compared to the measly average of $0.35 on the dollar staying local when spent at commercial block stores; it’s a huge benefit for residents and their families to keep their dollars spent locally.

Local businesses not only pay their employees, they also spend money at other local businesses. That means by buying local, you help create jobs for your friends and neighbors, contribute to improved public infrastructure, and invest in your community both socially and economically.

By increasing the visibility of our events, community news and YOUR local business with indoor digital newsboards and increased marketing; Elgin and Bastrop has the potential to increase the number of visitors it receives each month/year as well as the number of exhibitors that want to be involved in these events and festivals - and that makes these local happenings more successful for the entire community, including it’s locally owned businesses.

Together, all of these elements will help improve our community and build our local businesses in compelling ways! Along with the progressing growth and infrastructure needs in our community - I believe this is the way of the future to reach the citizens of Elgin, Bastrop and the surrounding communities, as well as voters, investors, new business owners, new customers and clients, and many other patrons.

If you or your business would like more information about becoming a partner with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are available Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm… but as you all know, the news never stops… so feel free to send us an email anytime - 24/7!