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Sidewalk project begins

By Lauren Jette | Posted: Tuesday, January 23, 2018 3:30 pm

The next step is being put down to better connect Elginites. 

Construction on sidewalks on County Line Road and North Main Street is underway after an almost three-year process. 

“It had a lot of pieces to it, but all the parts are done,” said Community Development Director Amy Miller. 

This project was started about two and a half years ago, when the city of Elgin applied for a grant to fund the completion of sidewalks to connect ACC Elgin Campus to the high school and County Line Road subdivisions, and to connect the middle school with Elgin Memorial Park and the new rec center currently under construction at the corner of Highway 95 North and North Main Street. 

“The project is a pretty big project, but the first piece is fairly small,” Miller said. 

“It’s about 200 linear feet that fills a gap from Austin Community College to the County Line neighborhood. With that piece, you will be able to walk from ACC Elgin campus all the way to the high school, all the way down to the middle school. All those neighborhoods, the County Line neighborhood, the Shenandoah neighborhood will all be connected.” 

Miller pointed out that you can currently walk from the Shenandoah Soccer Park to ACC Elgin Campus through the Shenandoah Trail, but this project will provide the on-street parallel to the trail. 

Work on the first part of the sidewalk project started last week. 

“The second piece of the project is to fill the gap from the middle school, across Highway 95 north over to the park and ride, Elgin Memorial Park and the new recreation center.” 

Miller said the final implementation of this project has been steady. While the city received the funds from the grant to cover engineering and obtain right of way, the contract with Trevway, the company doing the work, is a TxDOT contract. 

“Our city attorney’s office was great with that and property owners were cooperative and worked with the community in support of that effort,” Miller said. 

“As we’ve gone through these last pieces to actually get to construction, it’s gone really well.”

Sidewalks might not seem like a vital project to complete, Miller said completing this project and closing the gaps in the sidewalks has a significant impact on the community. 

“Given the Early College program at our high school, I would say that connectivity is critically important. Busing is provided for the students, but if I were a high school student, I would much rather walk than mess with the bus,” Miller said. 

“From that perspective it’s critically important and it’s also critically important in that it’s helping the neighborhoods on that side. If you were attending ACC, what if you’re a one-car household? Or if you’re the recent high school grad living at home for the first two years, the whole point of living at home is to save money, so being able to walk to campus, I think has a lot of value to our community for helping our citizens to be able to move themselves forward.” 

The city will hold a ribbon cutting for the project on Wednesday, Jan. 31 at the Elgin Park and Ride Lot on Highway 95 North and North Main Street at 10 a.m. The community is welcome to attend.